Sunday, 21 June 2015

Summer Sunday

I have, of late, changed the pace of our weekends.
We're spending more time close to home.
It's Father's Day today
and the Boy Child impressed with his beautiful handwriting.
We met up with friends to walk our dogs in the local park.
The Boy Child practised his football skills.
We spent an hour working in the garden 
and I used a few pruned stems to make a bouquet.
We sat outside and read the papers.
We ate BBQ for supper.
How was your Sunday?


Margaret J said...

A very relaxing day. (Love the handwriting)

debs14 said...

A perfect way to recharge your batteries for the week ahead.

Sian said...

We had to substitute fish and chips for the BBQ because the weather didn't play along. It's good to go slowly..

Susanne said...

Nice snaps - it looks very relaxing. We've had several close-to-home weekends to start off our summer - and I'm happy for that.

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