Friday, 17 July 2015

Bookshop Browsing

We live in a city that can be hugely expensive to explore.
I'm always on the lookout for free activities.
And while our library visiting might have been poor over the last few years, 
our bookshop browsing hasn't.
 We have a branch of the UK's only national bookshop chain in our area of suburbia
and on the days where The Boy Child has had to accompany me around the supermarket,
he will ask if we can visit it at the end of "mum shopping".  
 He will also ask, "are we buying or just browsing?"
If my answer is the latter, he will happily potter and select titles 
for a quick ten minutes or so of quiet reading.
Looks as though Dr. Seuss was right.


Margaret J said...

That particular book shop (with a brand of coffee) is on our list of outings for next week at TBC's request.

Liz said...

A great idea and a quiet time for you too xxx

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