Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Right Now ...

Right now, things are quiet around here.
The Boy Child is spending a week with Granny.
The Brainy One and I are spending time outside
 with our four-legged friends.
 The Brainy One and I are visiting the local pub for dinner and drinks.
I have been hanging new kitchen curtains.
I am scrapbooking.
How is right now looking for you?


Alison said...

Catching up!....right now I have the first of the summer houseguests in residEnce and am just getting ready to fly to Scvotland to see mum ....hope the dogs are getting on! Xx

Maria Ontiveros said...

Right now is the end of my summer class and time to attend to writing projects. And the girl child returning from Peru on Sunday

alexa said...

Now that sounds very grown-up and peaceful ... Trips out and picnics/meals in the fresh air are so restorative, aren't they? And yeay for helpful Mums :). I am afraid that right nos my days are full of helping my ninety-one-year-old Dad cope with an eye op, skin cancer biopsies and an infection :(.

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