Sunday, 5 July 2015

Summer Manifesto | 2015

One more day in school.
One whole form outing.
Speech Day.
And then that's it for eight weeks.
Time to draw up our amendable Summer Manifesto.
Places we want to visit here in London
and in Atlanta and in Houston.
Yep, our summer holiday is a re-run of our Christmas travels.
But with better weather.


Ladkyis said...

My soul sister lives in Metro Atlanta - if you get the chance go to Stone Mountain. Try not to pick a day when the temperature is around 30 degrees C. There are cable cars that take you up to the top or you can follow the yellow line and walk up. I was happy to ride the train around the base of the biggest single granite rock in the northern hemisphere.

debs14 said...

A great idea to have some fun plans in place at the very start of the holidays. Some lovely things on this list, have fun ticking them off!

Sian said...

You certainly need something to fill eight weeks..that first few days of adjustment need special attention I've always found..

Your plans sound excellent.

Liz said...

I think we can accommodate some of those. Unfortunately not Brenham as they still haven't reopened after the listeria scare!!!! There is also an awesome Indian Temple that looks like it could do with a visit. xxx

Maria Ontiveros said...

I made one the last few summers but forgot this year.
Maybe it's not too late?

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