Saturday, 15 August 2015

Atlanta by Trolleybus

Should you find yourself with time to spare
during a visit to Atlanta,
I recommend a Peachtree Trolleybus tour.
It takes around 90 minutes and has to be 
the easiest way to cover a lot of ground.
 {And it stops and starts right near to Johnny Rockets}
 Georgia State Capitol building.
The dome is covered in gold leaf.
He {and his wife, Coretta} are buried just down the road from this house.
The lines of headstones you can see in the distance
are graves from the Civil War.
Margaret Mitchell is buried here.
She lived in the first floor apartment of this building with her husband.
While recovering from a broken leg, her husband suggested that she
write a book after she complained that she had read all the books
in the library.  The rest is history.

If I had one criticism of the tour, it is that there isn't enough time to take a decent photo.  
The Trolleybus only stops for traffic signals during the tour and by the time
 you've listened to the guide, the opportunity for a photo has been missed.
Also worth visiting in Atlanta are the Zoo, Coco-Cola World and Georgia Aquarium.

1 comment:

Sian said...

It even SOUNDS nice. How could you resist when it has "peachtree" in the title?

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