Sunday, 23 August 2015

Commemorative Air Force

An interest in military aviation runs deep in my family's DNA.
I married a man with a similar interest.
The Boy Child doesn't stand a chance. 
The CAF is one of the world's largest private air forces with more than
 160 airplanes in 80+ units across America that still fly today.
Rather than being tucked away in some museum or stripped down for scrap metal, 
 the CAF's Ghost Squadron fleet is a flying museum, 
 bringing history to life for Americans of all ages through nationwide tours,
  exhilarating airshows, veteran honor flights, special events, and much more. 
 The CAF in Houston is open to the public every first and third 
 Saturday of the month.  Entrance is free.
We got chatting to some of the volunteers ...
"How y'all like this Texas heat?" ...
and when I mentioned that I'd served in the RAF,
 a young lad of about 16 years old shook my hand
 and thanked me for my service.
I was terribly British about it and said something like,
"oh, it's alright", but secretly I was as pleased as punch
because that would never happen in the UK.  


Sian said...

He made a good day even better, didn't he?

Margaret J said...

Bless him. Pleased it was a good outing

Liz said...

The plane with the teeth brings back memories :0) xxx

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