Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Stone Mountain

We're on our Summer travels
and staying with friends.  
A few days ago we were able 
to visit Stone Mountain in Georgia, USA.
 The bas relief  in the rock face is quite a feat of engineering.
There is talk that it should be removed.
I'm of the opinion that it's part of America's history
and shouldn't be ignored.
But it doesn't need to be celebrated, either.
It is what is is.
You can read about Stone Mountain here.


Ladkyis said...

OMGoodness!!! you went up in one of those teeny tiny matchboxes dangling from a piece of string! Mr M went up too with our friend who lives there while me and my soul sistah stayed at the bottom in the shade and didn't watch. I loved Stone Mountain.
Hmmm surely removing the carving would just leave a huge hole which would be sooooo bad.

Beverly said...

The Chosen One is originally from Atlanta so we visited many times with our boys and a trip to Stone Mountain to watch the evening light show was a must every summer with the great grandparents. I understand the pain many of our Confederate symbols cause but I am scared that we may go overboard and wipe away all reminders of that period of our history. Looks like TBC is enjoying himself.

Beverly said...
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Beverly said...
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