Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Veterans' Museum

I'm like a moth to a flame.
Having taken The Brainy One and The Boy Child
to the CAF, I followed it up
with a visit to the local
Veterans' Museum.
 All wars in which America has fought are covered in the Museum.
The majority of the exhibits cover WWII, Vietnam,
 Iraq and Afghanistan. 
 The Museum is run by volunteers and all have served
in a war zone overseas.
 We like to indulge in a spot of gentle teasing.
You know, things like, "Um, actually, WWII began in September 1939,
not on 7 December 1941."
Our guide was a Vietnam USAAF veteran called Jim,
and he was keen to press home that freedom isn't free.
There's always a price to be paid. 
Museums like these are absolute gems. 
I'd recommend a visit if you come across one
in any travels in America.
And for my American friends, see if your town
has such a Museum, and then stop by.

1 comment:

Patio Postcards said...

Musuem can be such an insight. You could further tease them and ask about the War of 1812 in which they fought.

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