Wednesday, 2 September 2015

New Beginnings | Year 4

 He went back to school today
and into Year 4.
The beginning of his fifth year of full-time schooling.
Did you spot anything different?
Regular readers may have noticed a different uniform.
Back in January, at Statement Review time, 
we asked for a change of school
and, four months later, were denied our initial choice of school.
Six months later we were still pushing for a change of school. 
Being constantly on the 'phone to Children's Services.
Visiting schools in our area.
Asking questions, questions, questions.
Receiving confirmation of a placement we believed would work.
Arranging transition sessions.
Buying a whole new uniform; only the white shirts are the same. 
Worrying, worrying, worrying. 
Are we doing the right thing?
Should we leave him where he is?
The day is here and worrying is pointless.
He's gone off happily.
Now we wait.  


Julie Kirk said...

I hope you've plenty to distract yourself from the worrying today. Wishing him a happy time and a new adventure.

Sian said...

Very best of luck to him! He looks confident and happy in his new uniform, and that's a great start. I can only repeat what Julie says..

debs14 said...

I hope he's had a good day. I bet the hours have dragged for you and you are counting the minutes to go before you can go and pick him up. I hope the school have found someone friendly to be his 'buddy' while he is settling in.

Abi said...

Best of luck to TBC. He will be fab I am sure. Hoping the first few weeks he settles in well and your mind becomes more settled to.

Ladkyis said...

summer holidays have eased the stress caused by stupid homework and the expression on his face is not sulky or fed up so It looks like a good start. I expect you will be in pieces by home time, but that's a Momma's prerogative

Margaret J said...

So pleased that he had a good day with an excellent report from Mr. S.

Alison said...

I hadn't realised a new school was in the picture...your boy looks happy and confident setting off...I hope he felt the same way by the time he came back to you. Xx

Missus Wookie said...

Hope the settling in has gone well and the new school works out for him!

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