Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Downstairs Loo

Or as my sister now says, the half-bath.
Following on from the remodelling of our family bathroom
we also updated the loo which is used the most 
during daylight hours.
Here's the before:
Here's the in progress:
And here's the finished version:
 The half-height tiles are gone and replaced with just a splashback.
The light shade is the same type as the one in our bedroom.
The walls and ceiling are painted white.
 There's now a towel ring at a height suitable for The Boy Child. 
The laminate floor was swapped for a wood-effect.
The mat and towels co-ordinate with the splashback tile.
The wooden step isn't really needed by The Boy Child anymore, 
but it comes into its own when we have small persons visiting.
As with the family bathroom, this overhaul took longer than expected.
Plans for our en-suite have been postponed until next year. 

1 comment:

Sian said...

Very smart!

We went to order a new seat for one of ours the other day and it was going to be £100! So we're putting up with the wobble for a little bit longer..

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