Sunday, 20 September 2015

The Rising Tide

We were on the Albert Embankment earlier today.
Looking for horses in the Thames.
 The Rising Tide is a temporary art installation in the Thames.
 The statues are hidden and revealed at every high and low tide. 
 They apparently highlight the role of the Thames
 as the lifeblood of London.
 It also seems that access to the foreshore
 from the nearby slipway was forbidden.
Being private property and all that.
I wasn't alone in not realising that.


Sian said...

They are remarkable. I'm a bit blown away by the idea of them being revealed with the tides.

Liz said...

Yay! You found them. Shame you can't get any nearer but maybe they don't want people getting stuck in the mud :0)

debs14 said...

Are they really hidden at high tide? Wow! What a find.

Julie Kirk said...

I was so disappointed when I realised these were going to be there *after* we'd been! I would love to have seen them - but I'm glad I got to live vicariously through you at least!

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