Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Scrapping Groove

The new school hours for The Boy Child have taken some getting used to.
Not by him, I might add, he's loving the shorter day.
That hour less in my afternoons has been a considerable loss,
but I now know I'm getting used to it
because scrapping time is reappearing
in my own version of a timetable   
A double page spread for our 2015 album.
Jazzing up a black and white photo with a sparkly frame.
 A double spread for The Boy Child's album.
These photos were printed back in June and
I'm making myself work through the printed pile
before printing/ordering any more. 
 One for The Nephew's album.
My sister sent the photo of him and 
I pinched the Star Wars one from her blog.  
I really love my hobby!


Liz said...

Well done you. I haven't done any since I did two when you were in San Antonio. I love that photo of the Teenager. It looks so natural xxx

debs14 said...

Fantastic pages! I love how the sparkly frame makes that black and white picture pop out of the page.

Sian said...

It is indeed the very best of hobbies. I love that combination of papers and embellishments on your second page especially

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