Wednesday, 16 September 2015

What We're Reading

 The Boy Child: football related books (although I don't believe he is 
actually reading the Rio Ferdinand autobiography,
 merely looking at the photos), his beloved Tintin
an old annual about Biggles (in French)
and a free pull-out about the upcoming Rugby World Cup.
 Me: memoirs ~ the actor Alan Cumming (which is rather harrowing in places), 
Mike Mullane's experiences as a NASA astronaut
and Darrell 'Shifty' Powers, the sniper from Easy Company 
(whose story was told in the mini-series Band of Brothers). 
The Brainy One: hard to say, but mostly
 associated with military and civil aviation.

What are you reading?


Diana Pratiwi said...
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Sian said...

What am I reading? Why the self same rugby pullout of course :) And a novel about the Quakers, which I fished out of a pile of my Mum's I was supposed to be taking to the charity shop

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