Thursday, 8 October 2015

Autism and the Everyday | A Snapshot of #2 (and a Bake Off spoiler)

There are some things about autism that are hard to live with.
  It's all relative because, let's be honest, autism is hard to live with.
Full stop. 
Let's talk disturbed nights.
Time: an ungodly hour; it's pitch black outside.
Thump, thump, thumpity thump.
The Boy Child launches himself into our bed.
The Brainy One gets up to use the bathroom 
and then sidles off to the spare bed.
Me: "Get in quickly and let's go back to sleep."
Silence, apart from the Boy Child burrowing under the duvet.
Minutes later (hours later?), a small voice,
"Who won Bake Off?"  
Me: "Nadiya."
Minutes later (hours later?), a (somewhat frantic) small voice,
"Mum, are you there?"
Me: "Yes."
Minutes later (hours later?), a small voice,
"Did Nadiya win Bake Off?"
Me: "Yes."
Minutes later (hours later?), a small voice,
"Where's Dad?"
Me: "In the spare room?"
Him: "What spare room?"
Me: "Granny's room."
Him: "Oh."
Minutes later (hours later?), a small voice,
"What day is it?"
Me: "Thursday."
Minutes later (hours later?), a small voice,
"What time is it?"
Me: "I don't know, why not look at the clock?"
Minutes later (hours later?), a small voice,
"It's 6.02, can I put the lamp in?"
Me: "Yes."
Minutes later, a small voice,
"Can I go back to my room?"
Me: Yes!  Go now!"
Time: later. The Brainy One says, "Good morning!"
Me: "Is it?"


Julie Kirk said...

Sounds trying. You must do a good line in restraint and patience.

I slept badly last night too, for no apparent reason, but at least I managed to tick 2 podcasts off my list of things to listen too. [Mind you, they were so interesting they may just have contributed to me not getting back to sleep!]

Hoping you manage to catch a small rest/lean against a wall sometime today!

debs14 said...

It's bad enough when a toddler wiggles their way into your bed in the middle of the night, but no wonder one of you has to decamp to the spare room when they get to TBC's age! And a talkative interloper too, how do you get through the day without an afternoon nap?!

Alison said...

So many years of broken sleep!....once again I say that you are a marvel! Xx

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