Thursday, 15 October 2015

Currently Reading

I discovered C. J. Sansom in 2011, 
back when The Brainy One won a box of books
He (C. J. Sansom, not The Brainy One) writes historical 
whodunnits/thrillers/mysteries set in the reign of Henry VIII
and the unlikely hero is a hunchback lawyer called Matthew Shardlake.
The Tudor period of British history has always been my favourite. 
As a schoolgirl, I was enthralled by the thought of a King who could behave as he wished
and of his daughter who became one of our greatest monarchs.      
 Lamentation is the 5th book of the Matthew Shardlake series and is
set towards the end of Henry's reign.  Spoiler: the king is dying.
 The plot revolves around the 6th wife, Catherine Parr.
  (She who had the good fortune to out live him.) 
It's no exaggeration to say that I cannot stop reading this book.
I.  Cannot. Put. It. Down.
If you haven't discovered this series, I urge you to read them.
You could start with book one, Dissolution, but each story stands alone,
 albeit with some references to what has passed before in books 2-5. 
You'll thank me.

{Eagle-eyed readers may have spotted my anniversary gift in the second photo.} 


Ladkyis said...

Ooooh I read Dissolution a few years ago and then went through the can't-read-anything-fictional-incase-it-is-frightening period with the stupid medication. I must see about catching up. Book five eh? that means I have four to read. I must poke some bookcrossers with a sharp stick and see who has copies.

Margaret J said...

Great set of books! I spotted the anniversary gift - take care of it.

Liz said...

I'm reading this too (only on my iPad). It really good so far. Nice anniversary present. Lucky you xx

debs14 said...

Thanks for the recommendation, the only book I've read from a similar era was The Other Boleyn Girl which I loved, maybe I need to try this author too.
Wow, what a lovely sparkly hand you have, lucky girl!

alexa said...

This is new to me, so thank-you for the recommendation. I like the Tudor and Medieval periods, so this looks like a very good series to get into.

Sian said...

Is it a new ring? You lucky thing!

My Mum recommended these to me a while back. I've read two in the series. But sometimes I disagree with the words he puts in the character's mouths! They aren't the way I imagine them

smcl said...

I love these books. I will be on the lookout for the new one. Thx!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendation. Off to check it out - Nice anniversary gift!

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