Saturday, 24 October 2015

Wood Street Walls

We went all the way to the Northern end of the Victoria Line, where there be dragons.
To E17 and the Wood Street Walls.
The Wood Street Walls came into being as a desire to bring art into the community
 and there are currently 17 murals around Walthamstow. 

Not all are to my cup of tea, but that's the nature of art, isn't it?
Our favourite was the chocolate Labrador with the ducks.
No surprise there.
I first heard of the murals thanks to a post by Jaime at Angloyankophile
and you can learn more about the Wood Street Walls here.
If you fancy checking out the walls for yourself, you can download a map here,
but I also strongly recommend the use of Google Maps or a current A-Z. 
After a few hours wandering the streets of E17 and coping with a difficult The Boy Child, 
we were in need of tea and cake.
And thanks to Jaime, we knew exactly where to go ...


Gail said...

Isn't it great how you can find out things about your own area of the world from others in the blog world? I think of that bunch my favourite would also be the lab and ducks. I must say that bottom one looks interesting.

Sian said...

Now those are a lot nicer than the kind of murals we see round here!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

I think the foxes are my favourite. We love looking at all the street art when we go to Bristol and did a brilliant trail in Glasgow last Summer.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Awesome. I love these

Ladkyis said...

I have several dear friends who live close enough to visit there so I will give them this url

Louise H said...

These are stunning. I still love seeing the remains of old advertising signs or shop names painted on the sides of buildings too. We definitely need more of this sort of thing.

Liz said...

I love the foxes. It definitely makes a change from a scabby old wall xx

Angloyankophile said...

I love that you visited, Ruth! And I am so flattered that you took me up on my recommendation(s). Thank you for linking to my blog and I hope your son enjoyed the day!

Julie Kirk said...

An adventure that includes art and refreshments? Can't be beaten!