Tuesday, 17 November 2015

A Different Approach to Christmas Shopping

I announced on Facebook this morning that I was beginning my Christmas shopping.
I started at the Store of Utter Gorgeousness,
because, well, why not?
And that was pretty much as far as I got. 
 I bought Christmas cards, London themed wrapping paper,
 fun London themed gift tags, gift embellishments 
 baubles and more.
At the back of my mind was the thought that the majority of these items could be re-purposed
and make an appearance in this year's December Daily.  
I eyed up the Christmas planner, which appealed to the scrapbooker in me.
Did I buy it?  No, but I was sorely tempted.
The rest of my shopping consisted of green beans and bread rolls.
Not necessarily a productive morning, Christmas shopping wise,
but I enjoyed myself all the same.
And there are days where joy is scarce in these parts. 


Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Love the fun gift tags. Our nearest "Store of utter Gorgeousness" is a 45 minute drive away and somewhere I only visit a couple of times a year. I agree, that a lot of their stationery could easily crossover into scrapbooking.

Margaret J said...

I'm quite easily tempted in that store so don't go very often!

debs14 said...

Love those gift tags! I think time spent somewhere like that is time well spent!

Sian said...

It does sound like a much needed treat. I'd have been happy to come with if I'd been in the neighbourhood :)

Liz said...

I hope TBO didn't see the bill!!!

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