Thursday, 5 November 2015

Autism and the Everyday #7

There are some things about autism that are hard to live with.
  It's all relative because, let's be honest, autism is hard to live with.
Full stop. 
Let's talk the nothing specific kind of day.
He's not sleeping again.  Too many incidents of to-ing and fro-ing in the middle of the night.
Too many incidents of trying to log onto Dad's work PC in the wee small hours.
Too many incidents of trying to watch the TV, any TV, in the wee small hours.  
News from school today, apart from a spelling test result, has not been good.
Refusal to participate in a lesson, throwing his PE kit at his TA.
A different teacher.
An observation by his new Occupational Therapist.
Name calling.
And on and on ...
 I feel on edge, irritable and so damn tired.
Irritable because of the obscene amount of sugar I have consumed.

The lights at the end of the tunnel?
The arrival of the presumed-lost-in-the-post wedding invitation 
and the expected delivery of six bottles of Champagne. 


Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

It's hard. Unbelievably hard at times. I think it's almost impossible to understand, unless you've lived it.

debs14 said...

Oh Ruth, I don't know what to say. I wonder what has happened to make this time particularly hard for him. It must be so hard to deal with. I really hope that the school will be supportive and help find a solution to improve matters. Sending a big hug x

Sian said...

The sugar is understandable. Dad's work computer?? Gah!

Ladkyis said...

Nothing we say can changed a darned thing, I wish it could. I so want to make things better.
Could you just say "it's a phase he's going through and if I survive he'll be fine.".
I am sending cwtches as a smile inducer and a suggestion that you put bells on every darned door so at least you can get to the work computer before he does

Liz said...

Sorry you've all had a rough week. Lets hope it's just him getting used to a new school. I don't know what to suggest about computers and TVs. Locks on doors? Switch off broadband? Hide all the controllers? You probably do that already so I'm not helping :(
Big hugs from us all. xxx

alexa said...

Oh, gosh, that sounds extremely hard, Ruth, any ONE of those things, let alone all in succession or at the same time :(. I hope the champagne helps to keep you bubbling above the surface from time to time - and things settle down for him and therefore for you. Thinking of you ...

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