Thursday, 12 November 2015

Chelsea Dreamimg

If I've time, after visiting Grandad P,
 I'll walk back to the Tube the long way.
For no other reason than I love the architecture in this part of town.

 {Yep, that appears to be a Christmas wreath ...}
 I like how some residents use window boxes 
to make up for a lack of a garden proper, 
while others make great use of a tiny outside space.
And here's how you move in/out.
You can also read more thoughts on a Chelsea Morning here


alexa said...

Stylish architecture, isn't it ... and the moving in/out made me hoot. I guess there might not be another way! I do like window boxes in the city.

Margaret J said...

Love the architecture

Sian said...

It's such a lovely place to wander. There are so many stories to imagine about life behind those doors

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