Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Easy Christmas Decor #2

We have plans to see Santa at some point over the next few weeks.
I suspect that we may be coming to an end of those magical visits,
and with that in mind, I gathered up all the Santa visit photos
and turned them into a Christmas decoration.
I ordered a 4x4 picture frame from that well known online giant,
and I used the backing sheet that came with it as the size template.
 I printed the photos at 6x4 and then trimmed to fit. 
 The actual size worked at 10.2x10.2 cms.
 The photos were placed fairly randomly and I filled in the blanks
 with Christmas themed paper and embellishments.
I used re-positional glue so that I can add this year's photo
(and next year's, if I'm lucky).
Before putting the montage into the frame, I cleaned its glass.
And that was it; done in around 30 minutes
I copied this idea from Elise and you can see her original post here.


Sian said...

Ir's fantastic. if I thought I could get away with it, I'd still be visiting Santa myself: when I was little it was one of the few treats thought worth paying for and it was always magical.

Alison said...

Moments to savour indeed...love the collage xx

Liz said...

Love the whole look. Glad the American embellishments are part of it xxx

Susanne said...

That's a great project - well done.

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