Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Scrapping Those Boring Photos

We all end up with them.
You know, the boring photo,
the "why did I take that?" image.
Sometimes however, I take a boring shot because I know
I will want to include it in an album.
Take our hire car.
It is what it is, 
but we covered over 1,000 miles of Texan roads in that vehicle.
It earned a place in the story of our holiday.
But before the image found itself on a page, it needed to be tweaked.
I simply cut in half vertically, mounted both pieces 
and then put the two halves onto the page with a tiny overlap.
I then added themed paper and embellishments. 
 The finished page gives that boring photo a new lease of life.
I also used the same technique on a shot of the pan at Atlanta airport.
 This page was actually about how I'd blagged our way into the Delta lounge,
but I didn't take any photos of the said lounge. 
Do you scrap your boring photos?


helena said...

I'd guess between a quarter and third of my project life photos are boring but have a story attached. I love your treatment of such photos and will be borrowing it - thanks

Margaret J said...

You have made the plain look so interesting. Love the photo of TBC - what was he thinking about?

Barbara said...

Quite a few of my project life photos are 'boring' photos and they go into the album. I was looking at some photos I took in 2009 yesterday and there was a photo of my mobile phone - how different from my mobile phone now in just a few years. You will be please you scrapped those photos in future years.

Sian said...

That's very clever! I'm going to try it, if I may :)

Quite a lot of my photos are boring.

Susanne said...

I'm seconding what Sian said. I recently split a photo in my pocket pages, and loved the effect - time to try it on a layout. Love your examples - thanks for the inspiration.

alexa said...

That is such a great idea, Ruth, and very nicely done - I am sure you will be seeing lots of 'boring' split photos around the blogsphere from now on :).

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