Saturday, 7 November 2015

There's Always Tea and Cake

The weekend weather doesn't usually defeat plans for an adventure.
Today?  Heavy rain stopped play.
We'd walked across to the Tube station
and were wet through, despite coats and umbrellas, by the time we got there.
So we did what any sane person would have done, short of building an ark.
We dripped our way passed the Tube station and into the nearest coffee shop,
where we dried out over hot drinks and cake.
Honeycomb Crunch. 
There's not much that can't be put right with Honeycomb Crunch. 


Margaret J said...

Sounds as though you made the right decision. Cake looks good but probably not healthy! 😄f

alexa said...

Honeycomb crunch sounds - and looks! - delightful. Definitely a good move on a wet afternoon!

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