Monday, 7 December 2015

December Daily | Days 4-6

Day 4 was about taking the overseas parcels to the Post Office ... no words needed.
I covered a piece of 6x4 white card with the sprout themed parcel tape (which I'd
used on the parcels and purchased from the Store of Utter Gorgeousness)
 and added a photo, a flare and three small embellishments.  Called it done.
 Day 5 was the unexpected arrival of my Christmas present from The Brainy One,
which he kindly said I could have immediately.
It's a brand spanking new dSLR camera ... a Nikon D3200, to be exact.
And I'm very much looking forward to us becoming better acquainted.
 Day 6 was about our visit to Trafalgar Square to see the Nation's Christmas tree.
Our Norwegian friend read my comment on how it looked smaller than previous years
 and said it was because the price of oil is down considerably,
 meaning Norway no longer had such a large disposable income!
The RHS was ideal for a full page photo. 
 I actually printed it at A4 and then cut it down to size.
 On the reverse I added a cute photo of The Boy Child with a magically 'floating' Santa.
I'm also adding the daily photos of Elvis the Elf, grouping them in 4s,
which you can just see on the RHS.
December Daily; My favourite project of the year.  


debs14 said...

Sprout parcel tape? - those devious little vegetables are gradually taking over the world!

Sian said...

Yep: we took out biggest box to go to California and the girl behind the desk didn't know what to do with it. So we're standing there on a Saturday afternoon while she tries to contact her boss by phone so he could talk her through it. Fingers crossed for its arrival.

Patio Postcards said...

I admire you keeping so current with your December Daily, day 7 & I'm already a day behind. Neat sprout parcel tape, they look like they are in their Christmas cracker paper crowns already.

Nirupama said...

Lovely book! Looks like you've had quite a few adventures recently!

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