Sunday, 27 December 2015

Photo Books

Now that Santa has delivered the gifts, 
I can share the photo books I made for The Boy Child
to give to Granny and his Godparents.
 I chose a size of 24x20 cms, with twenty pages and a soft cover. 
 I used Blurb and found their templates extremely easy to follow.
 I simply copied and pasted from the Things He Says section on the blog,
and dropped in the photos.  I ended up with two complete volumes.
I originally ordered one copy of each as the test copies (and received a 25% discount).  
After correcting my typos, which was very easy to do, I then ordered six copies of each (and received a whopping 50% discount).  The price per book came in at under £10, including the shipping. 
I wrapped them, The Boy Child wrote on the tags,
I popped each parcel into a jiffy bag and sent them off via Royal Mail.
Easy peasy.
(I used Blurb, but there are plenty of other online providers available.)


alexa said...

Oh wow, these look absolutely beautiful ... The big photos and the simple and witty text is a winning combination. Inspiring!

Patio Postcards said...

WOW - excellent idea made into a great treat.

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