Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The Scent of Christmas

There are several smells that make me think of Christmas ...
Gingerbread lattés.
Yankee Candle candles. 
I can go all year and never light a candle.
We have several around the house that are used for decorative purposes.
There are several utilitarian ones in the kitchen
 that are used in the event of a power cut 
(which occurs more often than you might think in the West London suburbs). 
But come December, I am busy bringing the smell of Christmas into our home.
This year's fragrance is Cranberry Twist and it smells good enough to eat.


Liz said...

John and I spent an hour last week just sniffing Yankee Candles. We ended up with one called Kitchen Spice and one called MacKintosh that smells of apples. xxx

scrappyjacky said...

M & S cinnamon and clove candles say christmas to me.

Sian said...

The smell of the real tree for me

alexa said...

A very atmospheric photo, Ruth ... it spells warm spices even from here.

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