Saturday, 2 January 2016

A Short Intermission

The thing with blogging about the every day is knowing when not to over share.
The Brainy One doesn't really like being written about.
The Boy Child doesn't really have an opinion either way, but that will come. 
There's something happening where I am a helpless onlooker.
Where a request has been made for that story not to be shared on any form of social media.
So I'm taking a week away.
A week to be in the here and now.
A week to regroup.
A week to recognise which stories are blog worthy and which aren't.
See you soon. 


pmk said...

Take care x

Sian said...

I understand only too well x Even if you aren't writing, just know that lots of readers will be keeping you close

debs14 said...

You're obviously going through a tough time at the moment, just remember that we are all wishing you the strength to get through things. Take care x

smcl said...

I hope everyhting works out okay for you.

Karen said...

Take care Ruth. Hope all is well.

Julie Kirk said...

Thinking of you and hoping you find another way to express *your* response to your current situation. I know that - after blogging for so long now - my instant response to events is ... 'I must mention that on my blog'. And often I back away from it in the time it takes me to think about it and sit down to do it. But it's a natural reaction, and it's yours, and it is valid.

Maybe a private journal might be good company for you right now. xx

alexa said...

Your colourful card made me smile - I know that feeling well. But it was tempered with care and concern for you, and I will be mindful of you this week.

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