Thursday, 4 February 2016


Late last year, we were given a month's free trial to Amazon Prime.
We used it primarily to order Christmas gifts: one click 
and the goods arrived within a few hours, postage free.
We did, however, also find the time to browse the Amazon Prime subscription TV channel.
And what a treat that turned out to be ... because we discovered Outlander.
The series is based on the books by Diana Gabaldon, and I first read them in the late 1990s;
so far the producers have been pretty faithful to the story.
The Brainy One summed up the general plot thus: ... "so, she gets into trouble and he has to rescue her ... and then she gets him into trouble and she has to rescue him".
That's about it, if you discount the time travel ...
I've just reread all eight books over the last two months and it's a lot of reading.
A. Lot. Of. Reading.
Book 9 is due in 2017.
So much reading in fact that I am deliberately not reading anything right now.
Jamie Fraser.  Doing it for you?  Or perhaps not?  


Sian said...

I accidentally signed myself up to a free trail of Prime. I did unsubscribe; but it's calling me back. any day now

Alison said...

That IS a lot of reading! X

Maria Ontiveros said...

I loved the Outlander TV series, but they got a little too brutally violent for me at the end. Couldn't watch the last one all the way through in fact.

alexa said...

I am most impressed by your reading - that's a lot of book width! I missed the series but will keep an eye out for it ...

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