Tuesday, 12 April 2016

London Through My Lens | Kensington

Kensington: home to the Gardens, junior royals and an infamous High Street.
But as with other areas of London, step away from the main roads   
 and you find solitude, calm and emptiness.
 I wouldn't mind a local that looks as pretty as this one.
 The house with pink door got me my second highest 
number of likes on Instagram.  
 A cute mews house with an even cuter stable door. 
 Mellow yellow sitting happily alongside pretty in pink.
 Some of these terraces are coming up on 200 years old.
There's evidence that the planting is also a good few years old.
My friend-who-is-like-my-brother asked whether I was bothered about 
upsetting the residents during my London in Spring walks.
I take care never to trespass and act quickly.
So far, no complaints.  


Patio Postcards said...

Another really enjoyable walk along the streets. The first house with those beautiful tulips in window baskets - envy. Mellow yellow door in the pink mist is second in my favourites.

Susanne said...

These strolls of "ours" are becoming very addictive.

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