Tuesday, 10 May 2016

From Her Hands to Mine

At first glance, this is a boring photo.
Okay, it's a very boring photo.
To a fellow scrapbooker, it might raise a small smile.
For me?
It's happysad {yeah, I know there's no such word}.  Bittersweet.
Those scissors, ink pad and glue belonged to Mum.
And now I have them.
And I'm using them.
When they are in my hands, I can think about when they were in hers.
I can see in my mind's eye exactly where she crafted in her small house.
I can see her talking to herself as she works {a family trait}.
I can imagine which CD she might have been listening to.
I know that the ribbon on the scissors means don't use them on anything but paper or ribbon.
Because I do the same thing.


Ladkyis said...

The ribbon on mine means Fabric only! and all my children and grandchildren know this.

If the love between you wasn't so strong, you would not be feeling the heartache now. This is all new and still raw and you are allowed to cry and be angry at your loss.
Sending you another armful of cwtches to help you through

Sian said...

We have thread only, paper only and fabric only

She'd be happy to know you were still holding them in your hand

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