Thursday, 16 June 2016

Out On The Water | Bermuda

During the Summer season (which begins on Bermuda's National Day: 24 May),
a ferry runs from St. George's to the old Royal Naval Dockyard
(now home to the Cruise Ship Terminal). 
The journey takes about 35 minutes and covers around twelve miles of open water. 

I forgot to take a photo of the actual ferry.
It originally came from Rhode Island in the USA,
hence the flying of the Stars and Stripes.
I loved the whole trip (and the return leg),
and I'm not usually one for open water.
It probably helped that both the sky and the sea were shades of blue 
that most Brits can only dream of.


Patio Postcards said...

Oh those blues of the sky & water. If the water is calm I like a short term boat cruise. I like the sailboat / cruise ship perspective photo.

alexa said...

Just stunning ... As you say, not shades of blue we usually see on the Thames! Thank you for the burst of sunshine :).

Susanne said...

Oh, nice snapshots - looks idyllic.

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