Friday, 1 July 2016

What Caught Her Eye #18

Continuing my new series for Fridays: 
the contents of that Smythson notebook,
one page at a time.
"... is there some heartache
you can't outrun ..."
~ Bryan Adams


Patio Postcards said...

Ah ... to answer that question (quote), oh yes there is heartache that runs beside you ... I think forever. (Is that our Canadian singer Bryan Adams quopted?)

Sian said...

This one reminds me of another one I couldn't get out of my head when I read it: "Everybody you meet has a secret that would break your heart" It's not in there, is it?

Jane said...

this is such a lovely idea and a quote from Bryan, one of my favourite singers

alexa said...

I didn't know this one, Ruth, but so true. And trying to outrun just wears one out.... Better to use the energy for feeling what we need to feel?

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