Monday, 8 August 2016

Six Months

On Saturday, it was six months to the day since Mum passed away.
I can't begin to comprehend how that is even possible.
Grief is peculiar.
Grief moves at its own pace.  It won't be dictated to.  
Six months has passed quickly.
Six months has passed slowly.
There are days when I can't remember the sound of her voice.
There are days, almost every day, where I look for her handwriting in amongst the post.
There are days, almost every day, where I expect that ping of a text message to be her. 
There are days where I can feel a physical pain in my heart.
There are days where I've survived a first: a birthday, a holiday postcard not written,
 an end-of-year school report not shared.
There are days where the unexpected stops me in my tracks.
There are days where I know that without The Brainy One and The Boy Child, 
I would have gone under.
There are days where I know that "this too shall pass".
There are days.    


Julie Kirk said...

Obviously I can only go on what you share online but in those 6 months you've lived such a good life - full of colour and experiences and time with family. That's a great way to honour her. Big hugs. X

debs14 said...

She would be so proud of the way that you have coped with these last six months. It is true that at such times, the support and needs of those closest to you are the things that get you through. Some days will always be harder than others but on those days you know that she will always be in your heart and your memories. Thinking of you often x x x

Sian said...

Given my own rather grim history of anniversaries and bereavements I know that I could ramble for ages here and none of it would help at all so I'll just offer a hug of warm and loving encouragement x

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Sweet friend. My heart breaks for you. ♥ It's been almost 4 years for me, and I still feel like this about my mom. Sending big hugs from across the pond... xoxox

Rhona Stevenson said...

It was two months last week since my Dad died and I totally relate to what you posted. We just have to take things day by day xx

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