Monday, 26 September 2016

Eye to Eye

I've reached an age where I need two different pairs of glasses .
I've been wearing varifocal lenses for two years now,
both glasses and contact lenses.
{I loathe selfies}
At my appointment two weeks ago, I was informed of the need for
occupational lenses.  
A pair specifically for close-up work ...
... ie. scrapbooking.
This pair is now known as the-do-not-wear-outside-of-the-house pair. 
Middle age.  Such a joy.


Sian said...

So, they're not the same as your ordinary varifocals? Interesting. Every time I go to the opticians I hear something different. Middle age is confusing!

Patio Postcards said...

In spite of you not liking selfies, you have taken an excellent one. I hate wearing glasses & have had to wear since I was a kid for distance, thankfully for computer (work) & scrapping so far no glasses required. Like the new pink scrapping glasses. :)

Maggie said...

It's all very confusing isn't it? Now I have worn glasses/ contact lenses since my teens . I now wear contact lenses where one eye does close work and the other eye does distance. How does that work then? If not I wear varifocal glasses.
I wouldn't worry about people seeing you in your new specs. They are quite sophisticated.

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