Thursday, 8 September 2016


My friend Deb,
she of the newly-closed Paper Turtle blog,
has a passion for sunflowers.
Living in Arizona certainly helps with the sun part.
Here in London, it may not be as sunny {ahem!},
but I have managed to coax three wee sunflowers into blooming, or as near as.

I bought three seedlings from The Boy Child's friend back in early July.
He was attempting to raise money for the charity Water Aid,
which I felt was a notable thing for a 9-year-old boy to do. 
And having admired my small-but-perfect sunflowers,
I'm off to see what else I might attempt to grow next Spring and Summer. 


Patio Postcards said...

These sunflowers are so pretty. Yeah you. Everyone of mine was eaten at the earliest stages by either the chipmunks or squirrels.

alexa said...

How lovely! A burst of sunshine to reward his and your endeavours :).

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