Thursday, 13 October 2016

A Random Purchase of the Best Kind

This bound copy of Handel's Messiah caught my eye recently.
Oxfam sold it to me for all of around £1.99, if I remember correctly.
I've no idea how old it is, certainly pre-decimalisation.
I bought it simply to admire.
 Back during my Middle School years, aged 11-13,
I was in both the school choir and orchestra.
So at some point in my life, I could sing and read music. 
I can still sing, after a fashion, but I've definitely lost the art of reading music.
No matter.
I often use Handel's Messiah as background music when I dust and vacuum
and sing along loudly.
That I sang the line, "and we like sheep ..." as, "the big white chief ..." is hearsay. 


Patio Postcards said...

L.O.L. - big white chief ...

Nice to have such a treasure as the old music book. I can neither sing nor read music. Even alone or in the car, I still am a lip sync singer. Although at church I do wish a few of the older ladies would practice lip syncing!

Sian said...

It looks like a lovely thing. I think it might have tempted me too.

alexa said...

Your last line made me chuckle. My Dad says when he was young and the National Anthem was sung more often than now, he often wondered about the Queen's passion for plums (send her Victorias ...). Your copy of the Messiah has real charm.

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