Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Exciting and Worrying in Equal Measure

Our niece, The Colombian, has been expecting twins.
A pair of little brothers for Cachirulo.
They were born a week ago.
Unfortunately, they were born at 29 weeks. 
We're calling them Pequeňo Uno and Pequeňo Dos,
Spanish for Little One 1 and Little One 2.
They're going to be in the NICU for a few weeks yet,
so I'd appreciate any positive thoughts or prayers you could send them and their parents. 


Maggie said...

Oh goodness I have an understanding of the excitement mixed with anxiety of a premature birth and I wish them all the best. It is good to see that she is able to hold them and get some skin to skin contact. They will be in my thoughts and prayers.

alexa said...

Of course. Thoughts and warmest good wishes for Los Dos Pequeñitos winging their way ... And for their lovely Mamá too.

Sian said...

Absolutely! We're wishing them all the very very best x

Patio Postcards said...

Lots of positive energy going towards the twins.

Ali said...

Just saying hi as a new follower :-) x sending positive thoughts to the twins xxx

debs14 said...

Oh goodness, that is early. Speaking as a new grandmother I can totally understand the concern . They are in excellent hands though and it's amazing how much special care the hospitals can give. Do keep us informed. Sending much love to all the family x

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