Monday, 14 November 2016

Making Progress

When it comes to decorating, nothing seems to happen
 as quickly as you might first think.
and I'd thought that by today, I'd be back up and running.
Yes, the painting is all done and the new carpet has been laid.
The new curtains are up, with added bunting for contrast.
Two new pieces of furniture have yet to arrive
and the IKEA shelves are sitting on the carpet.
But my new light shades make funky patterns on the ceiling,
so, you know, there's that. 


Patio Postcards said...

Your craft room is really taking shape & that light fixture is beautiful but the shadows it is casting are kind of interesting but also a bit creepy (to me). Not sure I could live with that on the ceiling as I do most of my scrapping in the evening ... could this light fixture live & cast light in another room?

Sian said...

It's the little things :)

alexa said...

Very cool lampshade ...Oh. And isn't it frustrating when things take longer than we think! But it will be worth it when you have it all nicely done ... I like your bunting :).

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