Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Scrapping with Big Bird

Of all the photos I took during our visit to New York City,
which one is my favourite?
Yep, the one of The Boy Child with Big Bird.
As our American friends like to say, go figure.
 And because it's my favourite, it made sense to have it on top
of the pile of New York photos waiting to be scrapped.   
Do you begin with the photo you like best
or do you scrap your photos in chronological order?  


Patio Postcards said...

TBC's wonderful smile really shows up in this photo. Nice layout, like the "look at this button".

As to your question about favourite first or chronological ... I am mostly chronological, but in the last year I have been moving out of this comfort method & randomly scrapping photos. I have been finding it sometimes even easier to create the layout first, then take the photos because I know which direction (vertical or horizional) I need. Still not sure I have found the best scraping grove ...

Sian said...

It is a thoroughly excellent photo in every respect.

I never scrapbook chronologically, which means that even if I have holiday pictures to do, I might leave those to skip backwards to something else entirely.

Carole R said...

Never chronologically, just whatever photo I love at that time. Love the big bird story and how chuffed your boy looks!

alexa said...

Such s sunny layout, full of happy smiles! Your yellow lettering and the little yellow circle are perfect.

Beverly said...

I love everything about this photo and would be scrapping it first. I've tried working chronologically but I have to go where inspiration leads me.

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