Tuesday, 6 December 2016

December Daily, 4th | Hello, Santa

I never get tired of taking The Boy Child to see Santa.
Except when I have a slight hangover {ahem}.
It's the one Christmas tradition that has a finite lifespan.
At some point in the future, he's going to say
that he doesn't want to go and see Santa.
In the meantime, we're a household that believes in the full magic of Christmas.
You may have noticed that the image isn't that great of The Boy Child.
he's sitting awkwardly and he forgot to take his coat off.
For day 4 in my December Daily album, I merely scanned the photo
and then printed it off in 4x4.  As I was using a divided page protector
(where the squares are just 2x2), I stuck the photo on top of four of the squares*,
filled in 6 more squares and left 2 blank.
Once in the album, you'll be able to glimpse The Boy Child's Santa letter.

* I saw the idea here.


debs14 said...

Let's hope those Santa photo years go on a lot longer, it's magical when they still believe!

Patio Postcards said...

The Santa & TBC photo is a good one & I like what you did with the photo. Never thought of putting a photo on the outside of the pocket page. We are also a house that believes whole heartily in the magic of Christmas.

Sian said...

I'd still be going if I thought I could get away with it :)

Melissa said...

I think it's a great photo - he looks very studious & fits right in with that stack of books in the backdrop. I always enjoyed photos with Santa!

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