Monday, 12 December 2016

December Daily, 8th | It's a Wrap

I have a tendency to buy too much Christmas wrapping paper.
So much so, I can go 2 years or more without having to restock.
I get the cheap stuff from Poundland to use for The Boy Child's gifts,
because he's far more interested in the contents than the wrapping.
I checkout Paperchase and Phoenix Trading for better quality paper
 for family gifts and when I want to make a good impression.


Patio Postcards said...

Oh such pretty paper. I love beautifully wrapped gifts & all the the little treats that go on them. Have a fun afternoon wrapping.

Sian said...

Those are lovely papers. My "children" have already checked that they will, as usual, receive all presents in colour coded paper. I buy one roll for her, one for him and then don't have to label any of them.

Melissa said...

Oh, such pretty paper! We choose a special paper each year to wrap gifts to each other, then we use the leftovers the next year for family & friends gifts. :)

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