Tuesday, 13 December 2016

December Daily, 9th | Christmas Cards

Every year I claim to send less cards.
And while we now send less than when we were first married,
I find I'm still writing some 70+ cards.
{The Brainy One doesn't write a single card}
In regard to December Daily, I took a photo of the first batch
I wrote, addressed and stamped.  I then added this to the back
of a suitable postcard, alongside a 1st Class stamp.
Next to this in the album is Royal Mail's posting guide
and an 8x6 pocket holding samples of the cards I used this year.  
Do you still send Christmas cards?
Photo style ones?  Charity ones?  Whatever catches your eye?
Electronic ones?  Or maybe you no longer send any?


Sian said...

I think I am going to be sending fewer cards this year, sadly, as older family members are slowly disappearing. But it's a tradition I still enjoy and we quite often write ours together: I do the insides and he writes the envelopes.

Patio Postcards said...

I do send out cards, the paper mailed kind. I am part of a group of people within a vast age range, that are putting down cell phones, deleting FaceBook and returning to real connection / contact. We meet regularly for support. Umm I think I need a blog post to talk about this more. Anyway, we as a group made sending paper cards part of our mandate ...

I like your DD page about mailing.

Melissa said...

You've captured your card giving wonderfully in your album!

We still send cards - handmade mostly.

alexa said...

This is a super page about sending cards. I am popping in, conscious I am way behind on catching up with your life and doings, and very apologetic - and congratulating you on keeping going with this project. Your pages are going to be so very nicely individual. Love the way you're including what we used to call 'realia' :).

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