Thursday, 26 January 2017

Acts of Kindness, Random or Otherwise

Although I shouldn't be, I'm frequently amused to read a blog post 
on a on topic I'd been mulling over earlier in the day.
Take Sian's post yesterday on respect and kindness;
not an hour before reading it, I'd been in the park with the pooch, braving the cold and heavy fog.
There I was, well wrapped up, plugged into my iPod Nano
(and trying to remember to not sing out loud),
exchanging pleasantries with the few other dog walkers visible
and watching for my pooch to poo.
And a random thought popped into my head
 (random, but one that's appeared on previous occasions);
"Why don't dog walkers just pick up all the dog poo they see?"
It would be a win-win situation.
Most dog walkers will almost always have a poo bag about their person at any given time.
The park stays clean for everyone to use and non dog walkers would stop moaning about the poop they see in the parks.
From that thought, it was easy to muse on other kind acts and realise that I do many without even realising they could be classed as a kind act.
Like putting my friend's recycling bins back if I know he is away.
Like stopping to my chat to my elderly neighbour even though I'm late on the school run. 
So that's my new mission ... to pick up dog poo, one bag at a time.


Ladkyis said...

and if you see an irresponsible dog owner not picking up then you can pick it and return it to them............ that's kind of kind if you smile sweetly when you do it

Patio Postcards said...

Ruth that is very thoughtful & kind of you to pick up random dog poo.

Kindness, thoughtfulness, respect are characteristics almost forgotten about so "we" had to install a national day of Random Acts of Kindness to remind people to develop & exercise what is innately within us. If we exercise those traits often I am convinced we will find our (1) purpose (2) happiness (3) joy.

Cheering you on & cheering for you.

Sian said...

I'd say that goes way beyond kindness: that's over and above the call of duty, that is!

Much appreciated, though, I'm sure, by anyone with small children in tow.

Melissa said...

I agree with Sian - that goes way beyond kindness. But definitely something that would be appreciated by those of us who are non-dog owners. Small acts of kindness are so important, and I love that you've shared some ideas here!

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