Thursday, 30 March 2017

Capturing His Other Life

The Boy Child is just finishing up with his second term
of Fencing Club (after school on Wednesdays).
As, obviously, I'm not there to see what goes on, I've been reliant
on him giving me the details.
Details which turn out to be rather sparse.
So, last week, I asked his TA if he could take a photo for me.
(The TA is a helper at the club.)
He then emailed an image via his 'phone.  Because the image wasn't the best quality 
(I'm not really complaining), I printed it out half-size and then trimmed it to 7cms square.   
(My apologies: late afternoon Spring light isn't that conducive to good indoor photography.) 

Can't think why I didn't ask earlier.


Patio Postcards said...

Neat that TBC is taking fencing lessons - an elegant sport or at least that is how it looks from the benches (col). Nice layout; I like the magic button.

Sian said...

Doesn't he look dashing!

alexa said...

A lovely page with a great focus, as he lunges out of the photo :).

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