Friday, 10 March 2017

Started Life With One Idea, Finished With Another

Sometimes, when I take a photo of The Boy Child,
I know in that moment it's one that's going onto a scrapbook page. 
Sometimes, when I scrapbook that particular photo, the finished page
has turned into something completely unexpected.
Take the photo above.
I took it in the park one Sunday morning.
The Boy Child was insisting that he should wear his hat over the hood of his coat.
We laughed about it.
 In 2014, I took an online class via Big Picture Classes called
Scrapbooking Outside the Pocket.  One particular grid design
from that class has been used by me a regular basis.  
I searched online for suitable quotations about hats,
and when one popped up attributable to one John Oldham
I knew the page would no longer be about The Boy Child.
It would be about me.
Which was both surprising and upsetting.
In equal measure.


Sian said...

...and he looks so like his lovely mum in this picture too

Patio Postcards said...

I like that quote - I will be adding to my collection. Nice cheerful layout.

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