Friday, 31 March 2017

We're Making Memories

Just after lunch time today, The Boy Child begins
a little over two weeks of school holidays.
I have a fair bit planned for us to do,
and with those plans in mind, I won't be posting daily during that time.
Because, you know, we have to make the memories before I can write about them.
Or scrapbook them. 


Sian said...

How right you are! Have a lovely time together

Sian said...

..did I really say that? How quickly time makes us forget lol I know it's not all fun at school holiday time, but wishing you a good one

Patio Postcards said...

I have let out a very deep wishful sigh at your gorgeous photo. We had freezing rain & snow yesterday! BAH!

I hope all those activities come together as you planned. Cheers to fun memory making.

Ladkyis said...

My relationship with my father was not something I think about much - not good for most of my life, but he did give me one thing.
"You have to make memories for your chikldren," he said, "until they can make their own. Then they will make more for you too"
He was so right. I have passed his words on to my children and grandchildren and, when they are a little bit older, I will be telling my great grandchildren exactly the same.

Enough memories to fill three lifetimes and a whole library of albums

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