Thursday, 6 April 2017

Secret London | The British Dental Association Museum

Tucked away behind the madness that is Oxford Street
is the tiny museum of the British Dental Association.
Given that the Boy Child had a dental check-up on Tuesday
the timing seemed perfect for a visit.
 See those real teeth? 
taken from dead soldiers on the battlefield at Waterloo.
 Pre plaster casts and plastic models, 
real human skulls were used for illustration purposes.
But it's not all gore.
They do have a very nice line in Public Information posters.

The museum really is very small, but worth dropping in for 10 minutes.
It's free to enter and open Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1-4 pm.  


Sian said...

Gulp, indeed!

debs14 said...

Isn't it amazing what curiosities are hidden away in the city - however did you find out about this? It makes you realise just how lucky we are to have the dental facilities we have nowadays - even though I'm still always apprehensive before any check up!

alexa said...

I am admiring your courage - I'm thinking it's hard enough to look at my own teeth without gazing at others'!

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