Monday, 3 July 2017

Memos: Mail: Me

An abundance of Happy Mail this week: three fabulous magazines 
and a postcard from friends. 
As for the weekend, we were blessed with some more gorgeous weather,
and is our wont, we spent as much time as possible outside. 
We hosted our Annual BBQ, and although I completely forgot 
to photograph the actual event, I did capture some images for this year's
      I also tried out a delicious sounding recipe from this month's 
(Which I'll share later this week, although if you click on the image above,
you may find you can read the recipe clearly.)
And I rounded off the weekend with making a start on Sanditon ...
are you joining in the Summertime Jane Austen Book Club?  

How was your weekend?


debs14 said...

I liked the sound of that pasta dish too and have it on my 'to try' list! Fab photo of that drink - looks delicious and refreshing.

Patio Postcards said...

Blueberries in your PIMS, how very healthy. Yum to pesto & pasta. Still trying to get a copy of Sandition.

Our weekend was spent celebrating Canada's 150 birthday/anniversary & in spite of the rain, it was fabUlous. Happy week.

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