Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Month in Numbers | June

There was plenty of joy to be found in June;
let's take a look at some of it:
20,132: the highest number of steps I achieved 
on a daily count during the month.  I continue 
to be astonished at how much ground I can cover
on any given day.
74.6%: the turnout to vote on Election Day 
in our constituency was high.
The sitting MP, nursing a slender majority,
was returned with a much bigger share of the vote.
Her tally of votes cast rose by 16.5%.
33C: the highest temp of the month.
12: the number of scrapbook layouts I created.
Once: the number of times I drove the car.
I drove it for all of 100 metres, probably less,
and then reverse parked it.
But, hey, I did it.
Twice: the number of times a photo of mine appeared in print.
One locally and one nationally.
Month in Numbers is the brainchild of Julie
and you'll always find a warm welcome over at her place. 
 Not to mention entertaining posts about a varied list of topics.
Go on over, stop by and say hello.
You can see my previous Month in Numbers here.

1 comment:

Patio Postcards said...

I take my runners off in homage to that number of steps in one day! Congrats again on being a published photographer.

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